03 December, 2009


Move-in day.

Brrrrrr....  It's -6 degrees outside.  NEGATIVE SIX.  The best part being we just discovered that our gas is shut off, leaving us with no heat or hot water.  People's Gas says they won't be able to turn it on until Monday.  That's 6 days (5 nights) in a meat locker loft.

The management brought us a propane space heater that literally spews fire in our timber loft.  "FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY" it reads, but don't fret, it came with a carbon monoxide detector.  Uncle Tom's advice: "Shut that thing off and get the f-bomb outta there!"  Sage advice from a construction manager.  Hmmm... freeze outside or suffocate inside?  We'll take our chances where the fire is.

No pictures because I will NOT remove my gloves.

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