12 December, 2009

Bedroom Closet Doors.

Remember those big green glass sliding doors from IKEA?  We sure do, they've been laying on the floor all week.  Pretty scary for a couple of double-left-footed klutzes.  The closet wall opening is custom fitted for these doors, but there is a problem: the rails that came with them are custom fitted for a standing cabinet.  Shit.  Four hours and three trips to Home Depot later, the decision's been made:  we're going to IKEA hack those bitches.  We called in an expert, Peter's dad came over and I watched them saw and drill through the irreplaceable rails.

Measure twice, cut once, don't screw it up.
This is what happens when I insist the doors are flush with the wall.  Start over boys.
Those doors are TALL.
Happy customers.  OK, now how bad is that wood trim?

Working into the night, after a few close calls, the doors are up.  Not too happy about the wood trim contrasting with the green doors, but there are bigger things to worry about now.

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