29 August, 2010

We're Red, Going For Green.

Confession:  We haven't been recycling.  I know how bad that is.  So does Peter.  Ever since Chicago canceled it's recycling program, we've just let ourselves go.

Our awesome neighbors called us on it and needless to say, we were extremely embarrassed.  Both of us come from recycling households and we try to be eco-friendly whenever possible.

10 August, 2010

Pipe Shelving






At some point I got fired as carpenter's assistant and Peter brought in the neighbor to help instead. I knew I should have gone union! In case you're wondering about the load bearing capabilities of a shelf system hung from the ceiling...

It's plenty strong.

Pretty happy with the outcome. Look at all that fresh shelf space, and there was no hammer drill required this time! The shelves never actually touch the wall.