16 January, 2010

Duct Work: Ask and You Shall Receive

We were having trouble figuring out how to hang our new pendants over the pool table. The beam we wanted to hang them on was obstructed and we didn't want to hang them to the side, leaving them off center. Now that we spent the time and money to get the pool table's exact coordinates professionally calibrated, we can't move it. What's that pesky obstruction overhead? Oh yeah, just the HVAC duct.

We casually slipped this conundrum into conversation with the maintenance manager. His solution? "Lets just hack the duct up and move it over 6 inches!" Ask and you shall receive!

During the course of this project we also received a couple other surprises:

Noise complaint from the neighbors - check!

Smell complaint from the neighbors - double check!

I guess people don't want to hear the rip of power tools and the smell of burning metal during their work day. Weird.

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