09 November, 2010

My Boyfriend Has OCD

My boyfriend has a mild to heavy case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Maybe it's his military background, or perhaps his upbringing, but the fact of the matter is, this guy needs things in rigid order. This goes way beyond typical cleanliness. I'm pretty sure he has a robot mind that maps visual data in lines and numbers and he extends his robot arms to correct flaws. The other day, for example, I caught him evenly spacing the folds between the opened drapes.  He opens them with a long dowel rod, then pops it between each grommet to get the drapes just right. Now I know why he insists that I don't do it. 

Peter's best friend, Jerry, the Roomba. When I'm away, they reminisce over epic cleanup stories.
My style couldn't be further from showing signs of OCD. I'm much more laid back about the way my space looks and in fact, prefer a touch of disarray (Mess Compulsive Disorder = MCD?). To me, too much order looks forced. Who has time to clean all day long? Rigid cleanliness should be saved for Red Eye photo shoots and visits from Grandma. Needless to say, our disparate housekeeping styles are a source of tension every now and then, but we're both working to meet in the middle.

Last night my boyfriend told me he was working on "curing" his OCD. When I asked what he meant he directed my attention to our knife magnet. "See how that knife on the left is turned the wrong way? I'm going to see how long I can leave it there," he says.

I smiled to myself wondering how long he'd be able to stand it.  I wish I could have recorded the turmoil that went down in his robot mind every time he passed that backwards knife and had to leave it that way.  (ERROR! ERROR! Disarray detected in knife department!)

Or maybe he fixed it the very next minute.  I failed to watch to see how long his experiment lasted. (He told me he had already been looking at it all day.) This was how the knife rack looked the next time I came upon it:

Peter had cleared the counters last night for their monthly oiling, so the righted knife was actually the last thing I noticed.  I was too busy staring at the gorgeous display of our temporarily displaced kitchen accessories.  Just look at those neat lines and well categorized objects. 

So much for working on that cure.  Hello to a lucrative career in shelf stocking. Does anyone else do this? Any tips for living with a type A or someone of opposing style?

05 November, 2010

We're In The Red Eye!

Looks like we made it into today's Chicago Red Eye on page 12! Thanks to everyone for the heads up!

To all of our new visitors: sorry for the unfinished state of our blog! Check back once in a while as we update!

So just some shout outs (hover over the text for links!):

Our art comes from Gallerie MK in River North.
The artists are Darius Labuzek, Voy Madeyski, and Joan's.

The furniture around the house is from West Elm, IKEA, CB2, Craigslist/Thrift Store finds, and of our own creation (mainly the shelving on the 2 walls, built from gas pipe and raw lumber.

Photos by Lenny Gilmore (Red Eye)

Thanks everyone!

29 August, 2010

We're Red, Going For Green.

Confession:  We haven't been recycling.  I know how bad that is.  So does Peter.  Ever since Chicago canceled it's recycling program, we've just let ourselves go.

Our awesome neighbors called us on it and needless to say, we were extremely embarrassed.  Both of us come from recycling households and we try to be eco-friendly whenever possible.

10 August, 2010

Pipe Shelving






At some point I got fired as carpenter's assistant and Peter brought in the neighbor to help instead. I knew I should have gone union! In case you're wondering about the load bearing capabilities of a shelf system hung from the ceiling...

It's plenty strong.

Pretty happy with the outcome. Look at all that fresh shelf space, and there was no hammer drill required this time! The shelves never actually touch the wall.

21 July, 2010

Picking Paint Color

I was hell bent on painting the wall behind the bed super dark gray.  Peter, on the other hand, was a skeptic from the beginning.

The actual darkness was a bit shocking, especially at night. It was also a lot bluer then we anticipated. In the end, Peter was right. I'm saying it publicly for all to hear.

We went back to the paint store and picked a much lighter and warmer gray. (Sorry for the crap photos). Now we get to assemble the rest of that bedroom set we bought waaaay back when.